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COBIT 5 Foundation Certificate Course

Von IT Training Zone


Learn more about COBIT 5!

COBIT 5 provides a thoroughly, experience-based day to day IT activity control system related to enterprise goals and stakeholder needs. This allows IT activity to be evaluated in relation to enterprise objectives and opportunities to be identified. It also demonstrates the contribution of IT to the enterprise.

Learn about:

  • Stakeholder Needs
  • Separating Governance from Management
  • Principles, Frameworks and Processes
  • and many more


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 IT Training Zone

IT Training Zone

IT Training Zone is a privately owned company which concentrates on the global delivery of fully accredited online ITIL training. They offer precisely managed course production and delivery and provide flexible, anytime / anyplace access to accredited courseware - backed by knowledgeable and friendly ITIL Expert tutors and support staff.



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