Cell Cycle Controls von Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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Der Vortrag „Cell Cycle Controls “ von Georgina Cornwall, PhD ist Bestandteil des Kurses „Cell Cycle and Cell Division“.

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  1. Cyclins activate cyclin-dependent kinases.
  2. Cyclins inhibit cyclin-dependent kinases.
  3. Cyclin-dependent kinases activate cyclins.
  4. Cyclin-dependent kinases inhibit cyclins.
  5. There is only one form of cyclin for the cell cycle.
  1. G1S checkpoint — reversible checkpoint
  2. G2M checkpoint — activation of proteins that lead to the production of mitosis machinery
  3. Spindle checkpoint — irreversible checkpoint
  4. Spindle checkpoint — production of the anaphase-promoting complex (APC)
  5. G1S checkpoint — DNA synthesis
  1. There is only one set of cyclin-dependent kinases and cyclins for all checkpoints in the cell cycle.
  2. Spindle and G1S checkpoints are irreversible clearance points in the cell cycle.
  3. Clearance of the G2M checkpoint leads to activation of the proteins necessary for the formation of mitosis machinery.
  4. APC is responsible for the removal of connecting proteins between two sister chromatids.
  5. During the G1S checkpoint, the binding of cyclin E to Cdk2 triggers the synthesis of various proteins involved in DNA synthesis.
  1. G1S checkpoint - Cdk2-cyclin E
  2. Spindle checkpoint - Cdk1-cyclin B
  3. G1S checkpoint - APC
  4. G2M checkpoint - Cdk5-cyclin A
  5. Spindle checkpoint - Cdk4-cyclin E

Dozent des Vortrages Cell Cycle Controls

 Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Dr. Georgina Cornwall is a Biology Instructor and currently works as an Instructional Designer in the private sector, developing interactive online training materials.
She obtained her PhD in Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology at the University of Colorado, USA, in 2000, and has since taught a broad array of biology courses at various US universities.
She is an active promoter of hybrid/online teaching formats and interactive courses, and has received several awards for her engaging and innovative course design; e.g., she was named Adjunct Faculty of the Year at Colorado Mountain College in Aspen twice.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Cornwall teaches courses on Biology & Genetics.


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Really good!
von Rong F. am 24. April 2019 für Cell Cycle Controls

This is pretty good introduction! haha how to control the cell cycle

Good lecture
von Bruce T. am 11. März 2019 für Cell Cycle Controls

Concise with good use of slides and professional presence and dress.

The lecture is discouraging:
von Sunil K. am 02. Januar 2019 für Cell Cycle Controls

The lecturer did not appear confident looking into notes too often. Too many hand gestures are a distraction especially when not pointing to the stuff on the slides. The material was not presented in an easy or simple way. Made it more complicated that it actually is. I feel difficulty in continuing to the next lectures without understanding this.