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MBA: Management

Von 365 Careers

In this course you will learn everything about the skills and duties a manager has.
The key takeaway we don’t want you to get out of this course is that management is a soft skill.
It is not – it is an occupation that stands on four pillars:
  • strategic thinking
  • communication
  • leadership
  • adaptability
Our condensed program is focused on teaching you the fundamentals of Management and HR
Together we will explore how to help your organization develop, and how to empower and
inspire the people who work with you. This is the best way to align the company’s success with
the success of your employees as individuals.
We will also talk about what makes a good manager indispensable in any company, and how to
become one. We will focus on specific skills such as using planning tools, creating objectives,
budgeting, and project management.
You will learn the best practices for recruiting, selecting, onboarding, and motivating employees.
And, together, we will review step-by-step how to manage delicate topics like performance
appraisal, compensation and benefits, stress, and employee termination.
After all, a manager should not be afraid to talk to their team and employees, right?

Enroll now and let’s get to work!


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