Project Management Fundamentals von Simone Hoferer

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Über den Vortrag

Der Vortrag „Project Management Fundamentals“ von Simone Hoferer ist Bestandteil des Kurses „Risk Management (RM): Project Stage“. Der Vortrag ist dabei in folgende Kapitel unterteilt:

  • Objectives
  • Project phases
  • Project phases in international projects
  • Project phases & risk burden
  • Purpose of risk management
  • Correction of faults
  • Requirements during the project
  • The magic triangle
  • Local interests
  • How to deal with conflicts

Quiz zum Vortrag

  1. Definition/ offer, planning/ engineering, production/ sourcing, transport/ logistics, installation/ launch, delivery & handover and warranty
  2. Demolition/ offer, planning/ engineering, production/ sourcing, transport/ logistics, installation/ launch, delivery & handover and warranty
  3. Definition/ offer, planning/ engineering, proposal/ sourcing, taxi/ logistics, installation/ launch, delivery & handover and warranty
  4. Definition/ offer, planning/ engineering, production/ sourcing, transport/ logistics, instruction/ launch, delivery & handover and warranty
  1. at the very beginning (income of order) because at this point the uncertainty in the outcome of the project is highest.
  2. towards the end of the project since all problems and hazards are likely to accumulate.
  3. during the warranty stage since all hidden defects, quality flaws and problems become obvious.
  4. during the engineering stage since here each mistake will have tremendous financial impact on the production.
  1. The effort of correcting mistakes increases exponentially from stage to stage the later it is taken care of.
  2. The effort of correcting mistakes increases linear from stage to stage.
  3. The effort of correcting mistakes decreases exponentially from stage to stage.
  4. The effort of correction of mistakes depends on the mistake itself, not when it is corrected.
  1. to minimize the project risk by identifying potential dangers and opportunities as early as possible in order to take appropriate measures.
  2. mainly to control processes and to communicate risks.
  3. to analyse and record problems retrospect after project completion.
  4. to make sure that the project is categorized properly regarding the level of risk: low risk - high risk.
  1. Intercultural competence and language skills
  2. High social competence, friendliness and to like and respect (strange) people
  3. Ability to deal with various and complex issues like customs, logistics, import & export regulation, global politics, foreign currencies
  4. General management skills and organizing ability
  1. Time frame
  2. Cost frame
  3. Quality frame
  4. Local interests
  5. Quantity frame
  1. Local companies have their own interests. They want to feed their own network.
  2. The interests are not immediately obvious to foreigners.
  3. As a foreigner you might sometimes hurt national pride with your behaviour.
  4. The locals might check your performance more closely.
  5. As a foreigner you will probably encounter dishonesty as well as a lack of hospitality.
  1. Be polite, steady and friendly.
  2. Communicate and document.
  3. Agree upon priorities.
  4. Ensure transparency in the project goal.
  5. Make the other side adapt to your behaviour.

Dozent des Vortrages Project Management Fundamentals

 Simone Hoferer

Simone Hoferer

Simone Hoferer ist systemischer Business Coach, Trainerin und Moderatorin.
Ihre Coachings und Trainings im Businessbereich sind aus der Praxis für die Praxis: Simone Hoferer war, als staatl. geprüfte Innenraum- und Möbelgestalterin, langjährig als Projektmanagerin und Teamleiterin tätig und hat als Kalkulatorin hochwertige Innenausbauprojekte in über 30 Ländern abgewickelt und verantwortlich betreut.

Im Iran hat Sie die Designabteilung einer Möbelfertigung aufgebaut und geleitet. Bereits während ihrer Gesellenzeit zur Schreinerin zog es sie ins Ausland und so arbeitete sie ein Jahr lang in Jasper, Indiana in den USA in der Qualitätssicherung einer Möbelfabrik für Hotelmöbel.

Simone Hoferer is a system. Business Coach, trainer and moderator.
Her coachings and trainings in business division are made from professional for professionals: Simone Hoferer as Master craftsman in cabinet making, was Project manager and supervisor for the realisation of projects in more than 30 countries.

In Iran she built-on and managed the design department of a furniture fabrication. Already during her journeyman's years of service as a carpenter she was attracted to foreign countries. So she worked in Jasper, Indiana (USA) in the quality management of a furniture fabrication for one year.


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