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MBA: Negotiations

Von 365 Careers

In this course you will learn everything a manager has to know about Negotiations.

This includes:
  • Why it is a core managerial skill
  • Distributive Negotiations
  • Different styles of Negotioations
  • Establishing and repairing trust
  • Evaluating the other party
and much more!

This course is designed to give you the upper hand in any type of negotiations – whatever your bargain is – because it covers step-by-step the phases of a negotiation and what the most appropriate actions are.

You will learn how to determine the best alternative to a negotiated agreement, how to set the minimum terms that you’re willing to accept before you walk away and how to successfully determine which the possible agreements are, or in other words – how to make the best use of the bargaining range. This course will teach you how to assess the other party and how to expand the value for both you and them, so everyone walks out of the negotiations satisfied.
Enroll now and let’s get to training!


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