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Der Vortrag „Introduction and writing an Essay“ von Robert Kuehl ist Bestandteil des Kurses „Preparation for TOEFL“. Der Vortrag ist dabei in folgende Kapitel unterteilt:

  • Introduction to TOEFL
  • General Information - Writing
  • The Essay
  • Essay Structure

Quiz zum Vortrag

  1. Intense preparation
  2. Knowing you weak spots
  3. Concentrate on your physical and mental fitness, especially just before the exam.
  4. You should not make any spelling or grammar mistakes.
  1. You normally receive one point per question. That's why you should answer all questions even when you are not sure if the answer is correct.
  2. If you are not sure about an answer, take an intelligent guess.
  3. You are penalized for wrong answers. That's why you should skip these questions.
  4. None of the above answers is correct.
  1. First of all
  2. In addition
  3. Moreover
  4. Another reason why I support
  5. By
  1. It should consist of a paragraph which introduces the reader to your topic.
  2. It should have at least five sentences with around ten words per sentence.
  3. It should have at least 15 sentences with around five words per sentence.
  4. It should consist oft two paragraphs which develop your supporting ideas or reasons regarding the topic.
  1. It should consist of a paragraph which gives the reader a look into the future or tells about some personal plan that you might have.
  2. It should have at least five sentences with around ten words per sentence.
  3. It can tell about some personal dream or vision you have regarding the topic.
  4. It should summarize your essay.
  5. You should not devise your vision; instead only write about experiences you have made in the past.

Dozent des Vortrages Introduction and writing an Essay

 Robert Kuehl

Robert Kuehl

Robert ist geboren in New Jersey und unterrichtet seit über 10 Jahren TOEFL Kurse mit dem klaren Ziel, Nicht-Muttersprachler auf ein maximales Englisch-Level zu bringen.


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... a lot of points easily in this section - but you have to prepare properly. Task 1: Independent writing. You are given a topic that you must write on. Length: ...

... they are looking for two main factors: content and structure. Also, do not worry about one or two spelling or grammatical mistakes; that is not so crucial. What is important is a clear and coherent (flows logically) writing style. To improve your writing style - and I will come back to this topic again in the ...

... minutes which means 10 words a minute or 6 seconds per word - that is fast, so you do not have much time to think a lot. The essay itself should ...

... b) body c) summary d) introduction Robert ...

... should be placed on. Which two features: a) content ...

... live in than smaller towns - agree/disagree? Your topic is what you are writing about (here: big cities), and your controlling idea is what you are saying about ...

... for at least 18 years. So use examples from your own life to get you started. Looking at the big cities topic think of some big cities you have been to and list the advantages of those cities, e.g. cultural ...

... just flow after practicing a bit. Then start to write. Do not forget to use transition words like first of all, secondly, one reason why I believe, another reason why ...

... spent during the essay is on. a) the writing itself b) the reviewing ...

... Do not do this in English! It is not appreciated! The introduction should either be general in nature or, if it is an opinion question, you might do the opposite of what your opinion is. An example here would be: "Nowadays, many people seem ...

... topic and a controlling idea - what you are talking about and what you are saying about them. An example here would be: "Big cars are great because they offer you plenty of comfort and space." Your topic is "big cars" and your controlling idea is "they offer plenty of comfort and space." In your body you then have the opportunity to support your ideas using reasons or examples. Let me give you a ...

... really into culture then use that example - develop your paragraph around museums and art galleries or whatever interests you. Remember: there is no right answer! No one is judging you on what examples you choose as long as they answer the question - so if you are into ...

... let us say, for "big cars are great" like comfortable/safe/prestige/roomy/fast etc. Then try to find two main groups of ideas that you would then develop. Choose the ideas that are easiest ...

... Now, brainstorm and list ideas like financial crisis, understanding the economy, administrating your own finances, buying a car, planning your future etc. When you look at these ideas you begin to see that there are two main fields - the economy in general and your personal life. Now, these categories - general and personal - could definitely ...

... drinks in discos - good mood - therapy - economic/social (companies should employ workers for life: less investment due to fluctuation, experience of workers pays off). ...

... You might then say how you plan to buy a big car someday for family and whatever. That you will drive around Europe with it and finally see the sites you have always wanted to see. By the way, do not hesitate to be creative and even make up your vision. ...

... body do not include the following features: a) hard/soft ...

... 2. Which is the most important skill you need to be successful in today´s world? 3. Comparison questions: 1. compare living in a big city to living in a small town. What are the advantages of each? Which do you ...

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