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Über den Vortrag

Der Vortrag „Final Remarks on Office 365“ von Sonic Performance ist Bestandteil des Kurses „Working with Teams and Collaborations in Microsoft Office 365 (EN)“.

Quiz zum Vortrag

  1. Permission to access files
  2. Permission to follow conversations
  3. Permission to start a chat.
  4. Permission to invite other guests
  5. Permission to create a new channel
  1. Right-click on the team's name in the left window and select 'Manage team'.
  2. Click on the 'More options' menu (…) and select 'Manage team'.
  3. Click on Options > More > Team
  4. Click on Profile Picture > Settings > Your Team
  5. Ask your IT Department.
  1. Go to the corresponding channel, click on 'Open in SharePoint', then click on 'Recycle Bin' and restore the file from there.
  2. Call your IT Department for help. They should have made a backup.
  3. Go to the corresponding channel, click on 'Recycle Bin' and restore the file.
  1. You can start an ad-hoc meeting by clicking on 'Meet now' in a channel. Make sure that you are in the 'Conversations' tab to do so. Anyone who is member of the team can join.
  2. You can start a video call by clicking on 'Video call' in the Chat window.
  3. Whenever you see a profile picture, e.g. in a team's ‘Conversations’ tab, you can hover over it with your mouse and select ‘Video call’ (the video icon) from the pop-up menu.
  4. You can start an ad-hoc meeting by entering ‘Meet now’ in the search bar on top of the page.
  1. Yes that is possible! Simply click on ‘Schedule a meeting’ and enter the corresponding e-mail address in the ‘Attendee’ field.
  2. No, Microsoft Teams only works for team members. You should use Skype for Business to do that.
  1. via the ‘Conversation’ tab of the Chat window.
  2. via the ‘Files’ tab of the Chat window.
  3. via the ‘Files’ tab of the Teams window.
  4. via the ‘Files’ tab of a channel.
  1. To the left of the search bar.
  2. You can find it in the menu that appears when you click on or hover over the profile picture.
  3. Simply click on the Chat window in the left menu bar.
  1. @mention the person
  2. Start a conversation and send a separate chat message to the person.
  3. Start the conversation and call the person
  4. Send an e-mail notification with a link to the conversation to the corresponding person
  1. Use the keyboard shortcut CRTL + 1
  2. Press CTRL + SHIFT + A
  3. Press CTRL + ALT + A

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