Thinking Strategically von Tony Hunt

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Über den Vortrag

Der Vortrag „Thinking Strategically“ von Tony Hunt ist Bestandteil des Kurses „Change Management Training (EN)“. Der Vortrag ist dabei in folgende Kapitel unterteilt:

  • Strategic thinking models
  • Drucker's Dictum
  • Different planning models
  • Choose your right model and your approach
  • Tipps and ideas to help

Quiz zum Vortrag

  1. It means that you set a specific goal that you are planning to reach and always keep it in mind.
  2. It means that you have to give your partners detailed information about what the plan is and how they have to behave.
  3. It says follow your aim and don't care about anyone else.
  4. It is simply the technically based foundation of your company.
  1. Are you selling products that people will want to buy soon?
  2. Is the manager paid correctly?
  3. Are you offering products that will soon be redundant?
  4. Is your technology out of date?
  1. Doing things right is not as important as doing the right thing.
  2. Doing the right thing is not as important as doing things right.
  3. Doing the right thing is much more important than doing things wrong.
  4. Doing the right thing is much more important than doing the wrong thing.
  1. Identify your purpose.
  2. Monitor and update the plan.
  3. Identify specific action plans.
  4. Use the calculation as the base.
  1. Because it's reactive.
  2. Because it is the most complex model that exists.
  3. It needs experts to do it and not everybody is an expert.
  4. Because it is too simple for effective change.
  1. Exploring the competition through research.
  2. Asking for help.
  3. Searching for mistakes others make.
  4. Thinking that you are the best.

Dozent des Vortrages Thinking Strategically

 Tony Hunt

Tony Hunt

Tony Hunt is the MD of UK Seminars. His style is often described as ‘inspirational’, and he always aims to create positive change in people with whom he works. He has significant experience of operating successfully at all levels in an organisation – from induction, through first line management and right up to board level. Additionally he is able to strike the appropriate level of debate on every occasion.

Tony’s work is well known in many countries, e. g. in Europe, in the USA, in the Middle East and in India. His delegate evaluations average 9.0 on a 10 point scale.


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