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Der Vortrag „Liability of the Management – Instruction (Executive Version)“ von Lecturio Online Courses ist Bestandteil des Kurses „Liability of the Management – Instruction (Executive Version)“.

Quiz zum Vortrag

  1. A comprehensive and honest assessment of the current situation must first be carried out to ensure that the CMS is tailored to the company and its employees and that it works.
  2. The CMS must be able to be integrated into daily business processes.
  3. The management has to carry out the set-up all by itself and also fulfil its usual duties.
  4. It must strike a balance between completeness and comprehensibility, as no one is helped if the list is complete but incomprehensible.
  1. Follow-up of suspected cases
  2. Clarification of facts
  3. Enabling the free development of the structures created.
  4. Delegate important decisions to employees.
  1. You contact the Supervisory Board or the shareholders.
  2. You contact the police immediately. After all, this is an administrative offence.
  3. There is nothing you can do about it. In your company, the majority decision is decisive.
  4. You can conduct an internal investigation and find out why the others don't want to.
  1. The company can assert civil claims for damages against the management.
  2. The company must appoint a new Management Board.
  3. The management is automatically dismissed.
  4. The company receives a fine from the Supervisory Board.
  1. Risks can be recognised, assessed and managed at an early stage.
  2. You help to protect your employees and increase their loyalty and satisfaction through a strong corporate culture.
  3. The company is in a better position to recognise and exploit new business opportunities and overcome any obstacles that arise.
  4. Once set up, the CMS no longer requires any resources as it is self-supporting and self-managing.
  5. With an effective CMS, management can enforce risky business practices without incurring liability.
  1. D&O insurance protects executives against personal liability, but it does not cover all types of breaches of duty.
  2. Some aspects are also excluded from the insurance policies so that a risk is not fully covered.
  3. D&O insurance is expensive and only worthwhile for large companies, not for smaller organisations.
  4. If you can live with the remaining risk of D&O insurance, you can do without a CMS.

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