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Fire Protection (EN)

Von Lecturio GmbH

Learn what you can do to prevent a fire in your company and how to act properly in an emergency!

The topics of Preventive and Defensive Fire Protection, and First Aid are not just simple teachings, but can be vital to survival in an emergency. This course is designed to help ensure that every employee in a company can identify potential sources of danger and has basic knowledge of safety measures. In the event of a fire, all employees should be able to protect themselves and their colleagues in the best possible way.

What this course teaches you:

Preventive Fire Protection
Learn who has what responsibility for operational fire protection and explore possible sources of danger. If you know the basics of organizational, structural, and plant fire protection, you will know how best to reduce the risk of fire.

Defensive Fire Protection
Knowing what danger smoke poses and how you can protect yourself is not the only crucial factor in an emergency. You will also gain confidence after these presentations on how to proceed in the event of a fire alarm, initial fire suppression efforts, and building evacuation.

First Aid
These lectures will refresh your knowledge of first aid measures and prepare you should casualties occur during a fire in the company

With the help of quiz questions, you can put your learned knowledge to the test and consolidate it. We also provide you with the documents for the course in the download area.

The contents of the course were created in cooperation with Dr. Wolfgang Friedl.

Start now and invest time in your safety and that of your colleagues!


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