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Der Vortrag „Principle of Equal Treatment – Basics“ von Lecturio Online Courses ist Bestandteil des Kurses „Compliance Flat Complete Bundle (EN)“.

Quiz zum Vortrag

  1. Based on ethnic origin
  2. Based on sexual identity
  3. Due to age
  4. Due to the character
  5. Due to the selection of friends in the private environment
  1. The company premises are not barrier-free, so wheelchair users cannot work there.
  2. Part-time employees receive a lower hourly wage than full-time employees. In contrast, the majority of part-time employees in the company are female.
  3. Men receive a higher salary than women for the same work.
  4. Physical disabilities will result in a non-consideration of applications.
  1. A Muslim nurse wants to cover her arms at work.
  2. A man applies to a girls' boarding school as a social pedagogue, which also involves night duties, and is rejected.
  3. A Catholic hospital rejects a suitable applicant for a nurse position because the applicant is not a member of a religious community.
  4. A flight attendant is banned from wearing a cross at work because the airline disapproves of faith symbols over work clothes.
  1. You point out to the person that there is no place for discrimination in your company and ask them to refrain from such jokes in the future.
  2. You report this behaviour to your supervisors.
  3. They do not intervene; after all, they are not directly affected. The victim of the joke can defend himself.
  4. You teach the colleague a lesson and write a circular email to all colleagues exposing the person's discriminatory behaviour.

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