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Statistics Part 2

Von David Spade, PhD

Economics: Achieve advanced statistics skills!

The following course supports learners with experience in statistics extending their knowledge. Among others it comprises sampling distributions for proportions and means, hypothesis tests and inferences for paired data.

David Spade got an expert doing his Ph. D. in the Ohio State University. Here, he elucidates specific concepts of statistics with clear examples.

Spade further explains:

  • Confidence intervals for proportions
  • Comparing two means
  • Inference for paired data


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Dozenten des Kurses Statistics Part 2

 David Spade, PhD

David Spade, PhD

Dr. David Spade is an Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences and Statistics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and holds a courtesy appointment as an Assistant Professor of Statistics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA.
He obtained his MS in Statistics in 2010 and then completed his PhD in Statistics from Ohio State University in 2013.
An experienced mathemathics instructor, Dr. Spade has been teaching diverse statistics courses from the introductory to the graduate level since 2007.
Within Lecturio, he teaches courses on Statistics.


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Very thorough
von Sana Q. am 28. August 2020 für Statistics Part 2

I especially enjoyed the examples, they cleared up concepts far faster than brute memorisation could