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  1. True. Under “Version History” previous versions can be accessed.
  2. False. Check-in is another word for login and has nothing to do with versions.
  1. Team Calendars can be connected to Outlook.
  2. Unfortunately, it's not possible to avoid the extra hassle.
  1. I simply go to the recycle bin, select the file and choose “Restore the selected items.”
  2. Unfortunately, you can't do anything. Hopefully you saved a local copy!
  1. Questions that have already been answered by others can be used as a handy reference tool.
  2. None. I always ask my colleagues questions directly.
  1. That's correct.
  2. No, you can only store Word documents in Document Libraries.
  1. Document libraries, picture libraries and list elements.
  2. Document libraries and picture libraries but not for list elements.
  1. Click on SHARE and select the person from the list of users.
  2. Copy the URL of the site and send an e-mail with the URL to the person.
  1. Because otherwise you can only search for files by their filename.
  2. Actually, that takes time and is pointless! Pictures can be easily identified based on their preview.
  1. ...sync files with my local drive.
  2. the files I need to my local drive.
  1. Yes you can.
  2. No you cannot.
  1. Yes, the default permissions allow it.
  2. No, lists that I create can (and should) be edited only by me.

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