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Über den Vortrag

Der Vortrag „Working with Master Documents“ von Sonic Performance ist Bestandteil des Kurses „Simplifying and Managing Long Documents (EN)“.

Quiz zum Vortrag

  1. True
  2. False
  1. True
  2. False
  1. A list of legal citations that appear in the document.
  2. A list of all source materials mentioned in the document.
  3. A bibliography.
  4. A list of recognized experts who approved the document text.
  1. You can easily reorder sections of a document.
  2. You can see how the document is organized.
  3. You can display or collapse sections you're not working on.
  4. It's the only way to cut and paste large blocks of text.
  5. If you set the view to All Levels, you cannot see any text formatted as body text.
  1. To automatically mark index entries in another document.
  2. To navigate to an indexed word in a document.
  3. To insert text from another document.
  4. To generate a list of every cross-reference in a document.
  1. Subdocuments
  2. Interdocuments
  3. Supportive documents
  4. Auxiliary files

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