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SQL Database for Beginners

Von Martin Holzke


Start practising SQL today!

You want become an expert in SQL and start to work with databases? Your experienced instructor Martin Holzke shows you how to achieve your goals in SQL. You'll learn how to structure your database and to manage your SQL database for scalable growth. This video course gives you all the information you need to start working with SQL databases and make use of the database in your applications.

Martin invites you to work along with him as he demonstrates the issues around database management and databases for application development. If you're developing web or mobile apps or games, there is a lot to be learned about this important detail of development. If you are brand new to SQL Database work, this course is perfect for you!


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Dozenten des Kurses SQL Database for Beginners

 Martin Holzke

Martin Holzke

Martin Holzke’s programming career started while studying Physics in the late 1980’s when he took on an offer to learn to program at Philips instead of the more common student jobs. Once graduated, he started his own business developing applications and systems as a freelance IT Consultant which he does to this day. His 25+ years’ journey continues to take him through a vast array of technologies, methodologies and languages like OOP, UML, C++, .NET, ADF, PHP, Zend, Oracle and SQL to name just a few.



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