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Responsive Web Development

Von Eduonix Learning Solutions

Responsive web design enables an optimal viewing experience for websites on any device - smartphones as well as tablets and laptops. A responsive built website will adapt to the measurements of the used device and display the appropriate interface, thereby enabling easy reading as well as navigation with less scrolling, resizing and panning.

In this comprehensive online video training, you will learn all the necessary tools to master Responsive Web Development. It provides nuts-and-bolts learning videos and practical exercises that enable easy learning by doing.

The online video training consists of two course parts:
  • Building Responsive Websites – This part focuses on the main components and tools of web design, HTML5 and CSS3 structure as well as media queries.
  • Responsive Websites with Twitter Bootstrap - Learn about the Bootstrap site, documentation, the base mark up, the Navbar & Dropdowns and the Grid systems.
Both courses contain exercises and templates, letting you apply anything you’ve learned throughout the course.

Start now and become a master in Responsive Web Development!


play symbol Course Intro Responsive Web Design
lecture locked What is Responsive Web Design?
lecture locked Testing Tools for Responsive Web Design
lecture locked Project Overview: HTML5 Document Structure
lecture locked CSS Rules, CSS Media Queries, CSS Transitions
Quiz zum Kurs „Building Responsive Websites“
play symbol What is Bootstrap?
lecture locked HTML and Styling, Navbar and Dropdowns, Jumbotron in Bootstrap
lecture locked Rows, List Groups, Glyphicons and Footer in Bootstrap
lecture locked Bootstrap: Forms, Tooltip and Popovers
lecture locked Modals and Tabs, Carousel and Collapse, Course Wrap up in Bootstrap
Quiz zum Kurs „Responsive Websites with Twitter Bootstrap“
Quiz zum Kurs „Responsive Web Development“


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