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Presentation Skills

Von Michael Smith

Optimize your speakers skills

This Presentation Skills course will include a variety of concepts that will help an individual develop their public speaking skills and abilities.

Among others, these concepts include outlining and developing a presentation, researching material for a speech, and using visual aids appropriately. This course will be valuable to both aspiring speakers and seasoned speakers.

Aspiring speakers can learn new presentation techniques while seasoned speakers can sharpen their public speaking skills and add to their existing methodology.


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Dozenten des Kurses Presentation Skills

 Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Michael Smith has over 15 years of education management, professional tutoring, and online instruction experience. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Louisville and his Master of Education from Capella University. He has served as faculty at eight educational institutions and as an academic dean at three higher education facilities. He has been recognized for outstanding student retention, faculty engagement, and student success. His research interests and teaching specialties are communication, technology, career development, social media, and business.


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