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Additional Lectures Ob/Gyn

Von Lynae Brayboy, MD

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Additional lectures for the Ob/Gyn clerkship.


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Dozenten des Kurses Additional Lectures Ob/Gyn

 Lynae Brayboy, MD

Lynae Brayboy, MD

Lynae Brayboy from Brown University has been teaching OB/GYN for a decade. She is double-board certified in OB/GYN as well as Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. She teaches undergraduates, medical students, residents and fellows and has also won mutliple teaching awards.


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not professional lecturer
von Hind M. am 26. Dezember 2018 für Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): Sores/Ulcers, Syphilis und Genital Herpes Simplex

just reading the screen in front of her but that's not the big deal.. her pauses are horrible misleading and ruining the focus .. so instead of focusing on the subject im focusing on understanding whenever she pauses in a wrong place one repeating voice rhythm circling again and again sorry but i had to find some other resource to study this subject from

Basic need to know info, straight to the point!
von Sergio R. am 08. Januar 2018 für Cervical Cancer (HPV)

Straight to the point! Thi lecture gives you basic need to know info

Good lecture
von Enja O. am 03. Dezember 2017 für Cervical Cancer (HPV)

I liked this lecture, it was short and very to point