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I. The effects of electromagnetic radiation on matter (PUMS - MD Biophysics / Seminars)

Von Dipl.-Finanzwirt Helmut Haas, Kevin Ahern, PhD, Carlo Raj, MD u.a.

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2. Effects of IR, VIS and UV on matter (PUMS - MD Biophysics, Seminars / I. The effects of electromagnetic radiation on matter)

lecture locked Archiv 2013 - Selbständige Gebäudeteile, Vollständigkeitsgebot, Aktivierungsverbot, Aktivierungswahlrecht
lecture locked Ionizing Radiation – Carcinogenesis
play symbol Basics of Radiology and Computed Tomography (CT)
lecture locked Basics of Radiation
lecture locked Ultrasound Imaging and Terminology
Quiz zum Kurs „2. Effects of IR, VIS and UV on matter (PUMS - MD Biophysics, Seminars / I. The effects of electromagnetic radiation on matter)“

3. Medical diagnosis and therapy (PUMS - MD Biophysics, Seminars / I. The effects of electromagnetic radiation on matter)

Vitamin D Deficiency and Toxicity – Top USMLE Diseases

lecture locked Vitamin D: Introduction
lecture locked Vitamin D3 and Calcium
lecture locked Vitamin D and Calcium Levels
lecture locked Vitamin D Deficiency: Vitamin D Production and Effects
lecture locked Rickets
lecture locked Differential Analyses of Vitamin D Dysfunction and Deficiency
Quiz zum Kurs „Vitamin D Deficiency and Toxicity – Top USMLE Diseases“


play symbol Electric Charge
lecture locked Coulomb's Law
lecture locked Coulomb's Law: Example
lecture locked Conductors and Insulators
lecture locked Electric Fields
lecture locked Electric Potential and Voltage
lecture locked Electric Potential Energy
Quiz zum Kurs „Electrostatics“
Quiz zum Kurs „I. The effects of electromagnetic radiation on matter (PUMS - MD Biophysics / Seminars)“


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Dozenten des Kurses I. The effects of electromagnetic radiation on matter (PUMS - MD Biophysics / Seminars)

Dipl.-Finanzwirt Helmut Haas

Dipl.-Finanzwirt Helmut Haas

Dipl.-Finanzwirt Helmut Haas ist Ihr Experte für die Themen der Buchführung und Buchhaltungsorganisation. Als Fachdozent der Steuerfachschule Endriss vermittelt er sein fundiertes Wissen in zahlreichen Seminaren.
 Kevin Ahern, PhD

Kevin Ahern, PhD

Kevin Ahern received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Oklahoma State University, and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Oregon State University. Currently working as professor of biochemistry and biophysics at Oregon State University, he loves to write poetry and song lyrics. His previous works include “A Limerick a Day For a Year” and “Merry Metabolic and Miscellanic Melodies”. He is also a co-author of the popular biochemistry textbooks, “Biochemistry Free and Easy”.
 Carlo Raj, MD

Carlo Raj, MD

You probably know MD Edward Goljan and his Rapid Review Pathology Series. But do you know the "new" Goljan? His name is Carlo Raj and he is currently following his mentor's footsteps by presenting you pathology as you have never experienced before.

Carlo Raj has earned his MD at the Medical University of the Americas (MUA) and continued his medical career as international lecturer and author—both assisting MD Edward Goljan and later on his own. Today he is CEO of Indus Intellect, whose goal it is to spread medical knowledge across the globe.

 Jared Rovny

Jared Rovny

Jared Rovny has a strong academic background in Physics research and education, and currently researches modern topics in medical Physics. He has taught a wide variety of physics classes over many years, receiving awards for his teaching and high recommendations from students. Jared has been helping students prepare specifically for the physics on their MCAT exams for over 7 years, and works hard to create clear, visual explanations. He is committed to the importance of education, working with Yale's Center for Teaching and Learning as he continues to research and teach.

 Hetal Verma, MD

Hetal Verma, MD

Hetal Verma has extensive experience practicing in the field of radiology. She is currently a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School. Hetal has been in practice for over 10 years and has been teaching medical students and residents throughout that time. She has also been invited as a speaker at multiple teaching conferences for other physicians, technologists and the community. Hetal has a passion for teaching and is enthusiastic about teaching others about radiology.


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von Rafael C. am 14. September 2020 für Basics of Radiology and Computed Tomography (CT)

Nice lecture very complete and in very litlle time. keep up with the good job

von Cole D. am 08. Februar 2020 für Electrostatics

Condensed, to the point, good explanations. Would highly recommend. Good for MCAT review

Thanks a lot, your explanation makes sense. i can now connect the dots.
von Eric Y. am 06. Dezember 2019 für Electric Potential and Voltage

I gave a 5 reason because Physics has been a challenging course to me , especially magnetism. the way the concepts were broken down gave me a deeper understanding and i can now start to understand what i learned as an undergraduate. Keep it up.

He's a great doctor/professor.
von Wafic I. am 30. November 2019 für Vitamin D3 and Calcium

I was struggling with this subject in school and he explains it so thoroughly.