DNA Amplification – Analytical Techniques in Biotechnology von Kevin Ahern, PhD

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Der Vortrag „DNA Amplification – Analytical Techniques in Biotechnology “ von Kevin Ahern, PhD ist Bestandteil des Kurses „Biochemie für Mediziner*innen“.

Quiz zum Vortrag

  1. It has three steps to each cycle.
  2. It requires an RNA primer for each round of replication.
  3. It works best with a heat-sensitive DNA polymerase.
  4. It typically amplifies DNA about 1000 fold.
  5. It requires transfer RNA.
  1. Denaturation is the first step.
  2. Renaturation must be performed very quickly.
  3. Elongation must be performed at temperatures close to boiling.
  4. The number of DNA sequences doubles every 5 cycles.
  5. Cold solutions are necessary for the reaction.
  1. RNA primer
  2. DNA template with target sequence
  3. Four types of dNTPs
  4. Taq polymerase
  5. DNA primers
  1. Denaturation of template DNA — done with the help of thermostable helicase enzyme in the PCR mixture
  2. DNA primer — determines the replication start point during PCR
  3. Taq polymerase — a thermostable polymerase enzyme resistant to the denaturation step during PCR
  4. Thermal cycler — a device used to amplify the target DNA sequence via PCR
  5. Annealing temperature — temperature which affects the efficiency and specificity of PCR system by facilitating the hybridization of primer to the DNA template
  1. The detection of genes, mRNA, proteins, and metabolites in a specific biological sample
  2. The replication of target genes in a very short time
  3. The synthesis of target mRNA with high accuracy and efficiency
  4. The synthesis of target tRNA and rRNA with high accuracy and efficiency
  5. The synthesis of the target protein and its related metabolites with high accuracy and efficiency

Dozent des Vortrages DNA Amplification – Analytical Techniques in Biotechnology

 Kevin Ahern, PhD

Kevin Ahern, PhD

Dr. Kevin Ahern is a Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at Oregon State University (OSU), USA.
He obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from Oregon State University. Currently, he teaches courses for health sciences students at OSU.
He is co-author of three Open Educational electronic textbooks on Biochemistry and a Guide to Getting Into Medical School.
Due to his achievements, he earned OSU’s highest teaching recognition, the Elizabeth P. Ritchie Distinguished Professor Award in 2017.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Ahern teaches courses on Biochemistry and on "How to Get into Medical School”.


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Love it
von Dariana H. am 20. März 2020 für DNA Amplification – Analytical Techniques in Biotechnology

It is an xcellent explication! I understend it at all. Thank you