Win-Win Negotiation von Dr. Juan Diaz-Prinz

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Über den Vortrag

Der Vortrag „Win-Win Negotiation“ von Dr. Juan Diaz-Prinz ist Bestandteil des Kurses „Negotiation Skills & Strategies (EN)“. Der Vortrag ist dabei in folgende Kapitel unterteilt:

  • Finding a Win-Win-Solution
  • Assess Relationships & Preparing Negotiations
  • Step 3: Identify problem
  • Step 4: Develop Options
  • Step 5: Take Responsibility
  • Step 6: Assessing BATNA
  • Step 7: Integrating Results
  • Five Gold Rules

Quiz zum Vortrag

  1. Assess the relationship
  2. Prepare the negotiations
  3. Prepare the confrontation
  4. Develop your options
  5. Take responsibility for the problem
  1. To explore mutual interests.
  2. To talk about the future.
  3. To engage the other side in dialogue.
  4. To tell the other side.
  5. To understand the positions.
  1. Identify low cost-high value options
  2. Find solutions that lower overall costs
  3. Improve the options of the other side
  4. Make your position clear
  5. Bring a list of demands
  1. Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement
  2. Best Agreement To Negotiate Already
  3. Be Aware To Negotiate Always
  4. Best Approach To Navigate Anger
  5. Nothing important
  1. Inform others
  2. Generate support
  3. Monitor and evaluate
  4. Keep it confidential
  5. Keep quiet about it.
  1. The option has to be the best among all options.
  2. The agreement has to be better than your BATNA.
  3. The agreement cannot hurt the relationship further.
  4. The agreement should be strong
  5. The agreement should be bold.

Dozent des Vortrages Win-Win Negotiation

Dr. Juan Diaz-Prinz

Dr. Juan Diaz-Prinz

Dr. Juan Diaz-Prinz has spent 15 years working with political, social and economic leaders on improving their conflict management skills. He has taught this subject at various international universities for 13 years. Over the years he has been able to bring together theory and practice of negotiations into a unique approach. Recently, he has been working in the private sector with business leaders to help them find their negotiator's voice.


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