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Supply Chain Act – Instruction

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If your role in the company requires an overview of various supply chains, you may have already asked yourself: How can I ensure human rights and environmental protection in every link of the chain? With the Supply Chain Duty of Care Act coming into force, many companies are facing exactly this challenge. This module dives into the requirements and implementation strategies of the Supply Chain Act. Here you will learn when and why it is incumbent on you to scrutinize not only your own practices but also those of your suppliers to rule out human rights violations and environmental abuse. We will show you specific due diligence obligations and how you should act according to the size and scope of your supply chain. You will learn how to implement risk- management systems, what preventive measures your company should take, and how to take action in the event of violations of due diligence obligations. You will also understand the measures that should be taken to avoid legal consequences. You will become part of the solution for a fair and environmentally friendly global economy.


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