Plan Quality Management von Sean Whitaker

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Über den Vortrag

Der Vortrag „Plan Quality Management“ von Sean Whitaker ist Bestandteil des Kurses „Archiv - PMP Training – Become a Project Management Professional (EN)“. Der Vortrag ist dabei in folgende Kapitel unterteilt:

  • Plan Quality Management
  • Key themes
  • Quality Management
  • Some Basic Concepts
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Ishikawa’s 7 Quality Tools
  • Sample Process Flowchart
  • Scatter Diagram
  • Configuration Management

Quiz zum Vortrag

  1. Activity cost estimates.
  2. Stakeholder register.
  3. Risk register.
  4. Requirements documentation.
  1. Keep the project running as normal with no changes as a result of this discovery.
  2. Check the quality management plan on what to do when discovering a low grade product.
  3. Immediately stop work and discover the source of the low grade, and proceed to fix it.
  4. Keep the project running so that you don’t lose time, but assign a team member with experience in the area of the product to discover the reason behind the low grade.
  1. Group decision making techniques.
  2. Cost of quality.
  3. Benchmarking.
  4. Design of experiments.
  1. S-curve.
  2. Cause and effect diagram.
  3. Control chart.
  4. Pareto diagram.
  1. Initiate corrective action in accordance with your quality management plan.
  2. Stop work immediately and investigate the root cause of the problem.
  3. Do nothing as the data clearly indicates that the process is above the lower specification limit.
  4. Lower the lower control limit so that the data is now above the limit.
  1. Pareto chart.
  2. Histogram.
  3. Fishbone diagram.
  4. Control chart.
  1. Configuration management system.
  2. Project management plan.
  3. Change control system.
  4. Process flow diagram.

Dozent des Vortrages Plan Quality Management

 Sean Whitaker

Sean Whitaker

The instructor, Sean Whitaker, BA, MSc, MBA, PMP, has helped thousands of people all around the world to pass the PMP® examination. He has written several books on the topic, and regularly teaches and speaks about it. Sean is passionate about his profession and about helping other project managers to obtain the PMP® credential. He is renowned for being able to explain complex ideas in a simple manner that is easy to understand. Sean draws on his considerable experience as a practicing project manager having successfully managed projects in the fields of IT, telecommunications and construction.


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