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Der Vortrag „Data Protection and Information Security – Instruction (Executive Version)“ von Lecturio Online Courses ist Bestandteil des Kurses „Data Protection and Information Security – Instruction (Executive Version)“.

Quiz zum Vortrag

  1. Emails that aim to obtain personal or financial information by posing as a trustworthy organisation.
  2. Emails that are categorised as spam because they contain unwanted advertising.
  3. Emails that are automatically generated to analyse the email traffic in an organisation.
  4. Emails sent by government organisations to check adherence to compliance guidelines.
  5. Emails that contain software updates from legitimate providers but require a read receipt.
  1. As decision-makers, managers have access to sensitive confidential data and must therefore comply with special protection obligations.
  2. Managers must ensure the security of customer and employee data and take appropriate protective measures.
  3. Managers must restrict access to important internal data so that only they themselves have access.
  4. Managers must ensure that all departments always have unrestricted access to important internal data in order to facilitate collaboration.
  1. They carry out regular sensitisation measures.
  2. * They carry out regular security checks and verify the integrity of your backups.
  3. They use one-time passwords that change daily.
  4. They prioritise the security of physical documents to avoid damage in the event of a cyberattack.
  1. You promote security awareness for data protection among your employees and define specific data protection guidelines and procedures.
  2. You set up access restrictions and use encryption technologies.
  3. You also store important information on physical paper documents to avoid digital security risks.
  4. You set up emergency access for all employees to important internal documents so that in the event of a data breach, everyone has access rights to back up the data quickly.
  1. Fines and penalties imposed by the data protection authorities.
  2. Claims for damages by affected persons against the company and responsible managers.
  3. The company's image is enhanced as it demonstrates transparency in the handling of data.
  4. Dealing with data protection breaches strengthens the internal security structure.

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