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Über den Vortrag

Der Vortrag „Competition Law“ von Lecturio Online Courses ist Bestandteil des Kurses „Competition Law (from Compliance Management Training EN)“. Der Vortrag ist dabei in folgende Kapitel unterteilt:

  • Introduction and Competition Law
  • Fine Guidelines
  • Legal Principles of the Competition Law
  • Other Hardcore Violations
  • Block Exemption Regulation
  • Dawn Raid

Quiz zum Vortrag

  1. Because the fines are large
  2. Because the market needs to be protected
  3. Because employees need protection
  4. Because the managers can be corrupt
  1. 10 % of your turnover and compensation claims
  2. 20 % of your turnover compensation claims
  3. 15 % of your turnover compensation claims
  4. 25 % of your turnover compensation claims
  1. Horizontal: No competition-restricting agreements between competitors, e.g., pricing
  2. Vertical: Manufacturers cannot dictate to traders, what prices they must charge
  3. Horizontal: Manufacturer-restricting agreements between competitors, e.g., prices
  4. Vertical: Competitors cannot dictate prices between each other
  1. Prohibition of Execution, Abuse, Cartels
  2. Prohibition of Cartels, Abuse, Exhibition
  3. Prohibition of Abuse, Neglect, Execution
  4. Prohibition of Neglect, Education, Cartels
  1. Prohibition of Execution: Regulates control of mergers
  2. Prohibition of Abuse: Market-dominant companies cannot abuse their position
  3. Prohibition of Cartels: Affects companies with a market-dominant position
  4. Prohibition of Abuse: No competition-restricting agreements between competitors
  1. Determination of the addressees – Coordination – Restriction of competition
  2. Determination of the addressees – Coordination – Execution
  3. Execution – Coordination – Determination of the addressees
  4. Coordination – Execution – Restriction of competition
  1. Price agreements
  2. Market division
  3. Compliance
  4. Data Security Breach
  1. Talk to the Competition authorities
  2. Speak to your Compliance Officer
  3. Go to the police
  4. Wait cautiously
  5. Write a complaint against the violators
  1. Everybody is fined, including you.
  2. All is well, as nothing happened, and no prices were raised.
  3. Only your competitors are fined, you were not involved, and you were not involved in the conversation.
  4. Your competitors are fined as they agreed on raising the prices.
  1. No restrictions on purchases to end-customers
  2. No cross-supply between traders within an open sales system
  3. Neither purchase nor supplier exceeds 50 % market share
  4. No area restrictions
  5. No prohibition of competition
  1. Inappropriate high prices for goods/services
  2. Predatory pricing
  3. Linking of a product in demand with the purchase of another connected product
  4. Always demanding the highest price from a supplier
  5. Giving rebates and price reduction to new customers
  1. Check the search order
  2. Accompanying the officials to a separate office
  3. Assistance only on request
  4. Try and figure out why your company was selected for a Dawn Raid
  1. Answering questions
  2. Provision of premises
  3. Locking all e-Mail and phones
  4. Warning other cartel members
  1. Search order at initial suspicion
  2. Evidence material is removed by the State Competition Officials
  3. Persons present are questioned
  4. Doors need to remain locked

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