Attitude & Factors of Success von Simone Hoferer

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Über den Vortrag

Der Vortrag „Attitude & Factors of Success“ von Simone Hoferer ist Bestandteil des Kurses „Risk Management (RM): Project Stage“. Der Vortrag ist dabei in folgende Kapitel unterteilt:

  • Objective of this chapter
  • 4 fields of competence
  • Intercultural awareness
  • Johari window
  • Attitudes beats tools
  • 3 energies
  • Basic attitude
  • Approach to solving problems

Quiz zum Vortrag

  1. Professional, social, personal and realisation competence
  2. Professional, social, personal and revolution competence
  3. Programming, social, personal and realisation competence
  4. Professional, sociological, personal and realisation competence
  1. It implies that human action is to a great part not consciously determined.
  2. In intercultural situations the not visible, the unconscious, parts may collide. Therefore, a crisis often occurs in blind spots.
  3. Unconscious and conscious parts are equally big.
  4. In intercultural situations the visible, the conscious, parts may collide. Therefore, a crisis often occurs in blind spots.
  5. It implies that we should focus on the visible parts of an iceberg to avert collisions.
  1. In conflicts mainly the conscious and known areas collide.
  2. In conflicts only the vulnarable spots which are known collide.
  3. In conflicts the whole personalities collide and it is important to point out the blind spots of the other person.
  4. In conflicts mainly the unconscious and unknown areas collide.
  1. Your perception of reality not true, it is tinged with your previous experience. Therefore, you should assume that reality could be totally different.
  2. Rid the turf. Be alert but flexible.
  3. Go with the flow. Adjust your behaviour to that of others and follow the crowd.
  4. Try to see only the positive effects of a crisis and block out the possible negative outcomes.
  1. Hard energy (set fast and clear limits), soft energy (high level of empathy) and humor (when nobody else dares to)
  2. Hard energy (get loud and consult lawyer), soft energy (high level of empathy) and humor (when nobody else dares to)
  3. Hard energy (set fast and clear limits), soft energy (speak softly and agree to anything) and humor (when nobody else dares to)
  4. Hard energy (set fast and clear limits), soft energy (high level of empathy) and humble (be obedient)
  1. Train to consistent, persistent as well as reliable.
  2. Be respectful, open and authentic. Try to think logically.
  3. Establish patience, calmness, ease and composure. Trust your intuition.
  4. Trust in yourself and your abilities but also do the same about others.
  5. Be not too humorous because it might distract you and others at work.
  1. Solve problems as long as they are small.
  2. Behind each difficult behaviour lies a positive intention, which cannot be shown in a better manner.
  3. If something does not work – try something else instead.
  4. Ignore the problems as long as possible. They will dissolve in most cases by themself.
  5. Solve problems when they are getting big.

Dozent des Vortrages Attitude & Factors of Success

 Simone Hoferer

Simone Hoferer

Simone Hoferer ist systemischer Business Coach, Trainerin und Moderatorin.
Ihre Coachings und Trainings im Businessbereich sind aus der Praxis für die Praxis: Simone Hoferer war, als staatl. geprüfte Innenraum- und Möbelgestalterin, langjährig als Projektmanagerin und Teamleiterin tätig und hat als Kalkulatorin hochwertige Innenausbauprojekte in über 30 Ländern abgewickelt und verantwortlich betreut.

Im Iran hat Sie die Designabteilung einer Möbelfertigung aufgebaut und geleitet. Bereits während ihrer Gesellenzeit zur Schreinerin zog es sie ins Ausland und so arbeitete sie ein Jahr lang in Jasper, Indiana in den USA in der Qualitätssicherung einer Möbelfabrik für Hotelmöbel.

Simone Hoferer is a system. Business Coach, trainer and moderator.
Her coachings and trainings in business division are made from professional for professionals: Simone Hoferer as Master craftsman in cabinet making, was Project manager and supervisor for the realisation of projects in more than 30 countries.

In Iran she built-on and managed the design department of a furniture fabrication. Already during her journeyman's years of service as a carpenter she was attracted to foreign countries. So she worked in Jasper, Indiana (USA) in the quality management of a furniture fabrication for one year.


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