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Project Finance Modeling for Beginners

By eduCBA Global Online Training Experts


Learn Project Finance Modeling from scratch.

This video-based online course is directed at finance professionals and -executives, managers and students. In this course you will learn everything you need to succeed in project financing: Learn how to build a Project Financing Model from scratch, which is suitable for all industry sectors! You will get an intensive overview over the core principles and practice of project financing.

You will learn about:

  • Project cost estimation
  • Feasibility
  • Means of finance
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation
  • and many more

Test your knowledge with excel templates and 27 quizzes!


  • Included lectures: 6
  • Duration: 3:19 h
  • Available documents: 1

Authors of course Project Finance Modeling for Beginners

 eduCBA Global Online Training Experts

eduCBA Global Online Training Experts

EduCorporateBridge is a globally recognized training firm, providing blend of instructor-led and online financial training programs in Excel, Advanced Excel, VBAs, Macros, Equity Research, Wealth Management, Technical Analysis Investment banking, Private Equity, Fundamental Analysis, Investment Research and Credit Research as well as preparatory courses like CFA Level I & II and FRM Level I & II, Campus Placement Trainings etc.

The Corporate Bridge Online training Learning Management System provides access to high end excel videos, valuation tutorials, online tests, downloadable templates and models that are prepared by Research Analysts & Investment Bankers.

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