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Manager Mind: Mastering Management in Practice (EN)

By Sobair Barak

The trainer Sobair Barak starts out by finding an explanation and definition for the term management. Then, a brief introduction into the job of a manager follows to get into the topic. In the next part whe covers the topic of effective leadership. This is important, because no matter if you manage a team, a project or an organization, it is always necessary to lead people, either directly or indirectly.
With the leadership skills in mind, the trainer will proceed in the third section with the internal and external situation analysis, which is about understanding an organizational situation and processing it in such a way that it can be worked with. For this he covers various fundamental management tools, methods and relationships, which need to be understood.
Once you have analyzed the internal and external situation, part four of this course will cover the topic of developing a targeted strategy and make it transparent on the basis of key financial ratios. In the fifth and last section Sobair Barak dedicates himself to the ultimate discipline of the manager, the implementation and follow-up. The target of this course is to provide you with practical knowledge, which you can apply in your daily job as a manager.


  • Included lectures: 26
  • Duration: 4:11 h
  • Included quiz questions: 30
  • Available documents: 11

Authors of course Manager Mind: Mastering Management in Practice (EN)

 Sobair Barak

Sobair Barak


Sobair Barak hat einen Masterabschluss in Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen absolviert und hat sich anschließend an der Harvard Business School weitergebildet. Beruflich konnte er solide Erfahrungen in verschiedenen Management-Bereichen sammeln, welche es ihm ermöglichten, sein Wissen zu kombinieren und zu reflektieren. Um einen Überblick zu geben:

  • Software & Service Management
  • Produktmanagement & Marketing
  • B2B-Vertrieb & Business Development
  • Qualitätsmanagement & Engineering

Heute ist er in einer Management-Position tätig und hat bereits diverse berufliche Auszeichnungen erhalten. Es ist seine persönliche Mission, in seinen Kursen besonders praxisrelevantes Wissen zu vermitteln, welches im täglichen Arbeits- und Geschäftsalltag von Nutzen ist.


Sobair Barak has a master's degree in Engineering & Management. He later attended Harvard Business School. Professionally he gained solid experience in various management fields, which allowed him to combine knowledge and reflect on the different disciplines. To give an overview:

  • Software & Service Management
  • Product Management & Marketing
  • B2B Sales & Business Development
  • Quality Management & Engineering

Currently he works in a management position and received various professional awards in his career. His personal mission is to provide practice-relevant knowledge through his courses that can be applied in everyday work and business life.

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