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Management of Portfolios

By Management Plaza


Organise your Projects!

If you have multiple projects to organise simultaneously, you should definitely learn to manage your portfolios with this online video course. It’s not a bigger scale form of project or programme management

It is a totally different concept compared to other project management systems and focuses on maximizing your benefits by choosing the right projects and programmes. It assigns limited resources in an efficient way which saves you time and money.

Learn about principles, the definition cycle and the optimal delivery of your projects.


  • Included lectures: 6
  • Duration: 1:14 h

Authors of course Management of Portfolios

 Management Plaza

Management Plaza

Management Plaza specializes in PRINCE2, Scrum, Agile and other Best Practice training to make project management methods easier to learn and use. The Courses are adressed to Project Managers. Management Plaza is quite unique in their approach to project management training.

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