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User Experience Design Fundamentals

By Joe Natoli


Improve your design skills!

You can create a web site - so far so good. But is it as successful as you expect it to be? Learn with your instructor Joe Natoli's how to make you applications more effective. He will guide you through the critical elements of user experience - strategy, scope, structure, skeleton and surface.

After completing this course your creations encourage conversions and leave users wanting more. You'll feel more confident as you make design related decisions about layout, color, information, design and typography.


  • Included lectures: 26
  • Duration: 11:42 h

Authors of course User Experience Design Fundamentals

 Joe Natoli

Joe Natoli

Joe Natoli coaches and trains UX designers & developers to help them improve their skills, deliver more value to their clients, increase their profit potential and accelerate their careers. He shares his experiences and lessons from 25 years of helping Fortune 100, 500 and startup organizations deliver great UX and UI design that delivers measurable results.

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A developer's point of view
By Michael M. on 25. February 2015 for User Experience Design Fundamentals

Great course! The first few topics are a bit abstract but as the course progresses really interesting details are revealed. I also like the list of useful software / resources presented at the end of the course. A nice improvement of the content in my opinion would be extending the exercises with some example solving.