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Corporate Compliance Training (EN)

By Lecturio Online Courses

Compliance: a simple, comprehensive and effective way to protect your company!

Compliance provides the right behavior to face a great variety of problematic situations during your everyday professional life. It applies not only for managers but also, and especially, for your employees. Remember that the price for an employee’s mistake is paid by the company—in form of legal repercussions, loss of image, or absences from work. Employees with no compliance training can end up being very expensive for your company.

This practical compliance staff training will help you to quickly and cost-efficiently introduce all employees to the compliance topic, and to communicate the most important rules of conduct effectively and comprehensively. Our online training provides your employees with the necessary basic knowledge about the most important concepts and risks of the daily business. Furthermore, participants will get an overview of the current legal situation with the focus on the US and the European Union, as well as practical rules for dealing with specific compliance topics, which will protect both your company and your customers from potential damages.

Lecturio’s online training gives your employees the chance to independently and efficiently work out a content that otherwise would be very expensive and time-consuming. Overall, compliance will protect your company from:

  • Data loss by following simple rules on information security, data protection and know-how protection
  • Work accidents by introducing your employees to occupational safety
  • Discrimination in the work space by discussing equal treatment policies
  • Economic crime by establishing simple guidelines to prevent money-laundering and corruption
  • Liability for employees’ mistakes by instructing the personnel on their rights and obligations

Upon completion of the course your employees will learn how to deal with different complications of everyday work life: for example, what to do when an important document is missing, or in case someone injures himself at work. Or how to deal with a competitor who wants to talk about prices after work. Finally, you can assess the learning success of the participants—the final quiz is also included in the course and will document the progress of your employees.

The lecture on data protection contains current information concerning the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018.


  • Included lectures: 12
  • Duration: 0:56 h
  • Included quiz questions: 36
  • Available documents: 13

Authors of course Corporate Compliance Training (EN)

 Lecturio Online Courses

Lecturio Online Courses

Lecturio provides sustainable, simple and cost-efficient continuing education and training to companies and private customers. The e-learning catalogue consists of more than 7000 video-based courses covering over 80 topics. The focus is on compliance, leadership, project management, distribution, and medicine. Most of private customers use Lecturio in parallel to their studies and to prepare for their exams in medicine and law. Lecturio provides practical video-based online training—in German and English. Thousands of quiz questions help to measure and assess the learning success. Lecturio courses are available on all devices—and even offline with the iOS and Android app. Lecturio’s mission is to help companies and private customers to develop their full potential.

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Double Negatives Don't Not Work
By Darren W. on 30. August 2019 for Corporate Compliance Training (EN)

Some of the questions needed a lot of explaining by colleagues to understand them. Some of the localised phrases 'Sandwich Maker', 'Office-Holder' made it difficult to understand, thankfully it didn't include 'beamer' or 'handy'. Finally the double negatives made zero sense (as does my heading). The answer was to not do the not question even though it wasn't the not answer.... I was really confused !!!

write in english please
By Ilkka R. on 27. February 2019 for Corporate Compliance Training (EN)

Good to know the systems in our factory and business

The course didn't bring me much more knowledge about the themes, 80% is comun sense knowledge!
By Luis B. on 03. February 2019 for Corporate Compliance Training (EN)

My main motivation was to finish the course, so I would't recomend it to anyone.