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About the Lecture

The lecture Code of Conduct (EN / 2019) by Lecturio Online Courses is from the course Corporate Compliance Training (EN).

Included Quiz Questions

  1. The country’s corporate governance code.
  2. The country’s constitution.
  3. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  4. The country’s labor protection law.
  1. It brings transparency by making the rules and principles of the company clear to both employees and employers.
  2. It brings competitive advantages, like for example, making a good impression by mentioning sustainability.
  3. The code of conduct has no influence on the activities within your company.
  4. It brings tax benefits, because the state rewards honesty.
  1. You should talk to your supervisor or the compliance officer.
  2. You should approach the colleagues that are involved.
  3. You shouldn’t do anything.
  4. You should contact the authors of your country’s corporate governance code.

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