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About the Lecture

The lecture Protection of Know-how (EN / 2019) by Lecturio Online Courses is from the course Corporate Compliance Training (EN). It contains the following chapters:

  • Protection of Know-how
  • What Can You Do?

Included Quiz Questions

  1. has a considerable economic value.
  2. is relevant for internal training programs.
  3. makes you irreplaceable in your company.
  4. can use to it to brag to your friends.
  1. Keep strict confidentiality, also among colleagues.
  2. Tell your friends about your best technology.
  3. Save your documents preferably on your own computer.
  4. Document your knowledge.
  5. Tell your colleagues about new know-how.
  1. Be careful and don’t reveal too much. It is not forbidden to talk about work but never disclose important information.
  2. Nothing, it’s just a casual conversation. It is not prohibited to talk about work now and then.
  3. You should immediately end the conversation. This is definitely a case of industrial espionage.
  4. Never talk about your work. No matter if you’re talking to your family, friends or strangers. You are never safe from espionage.

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