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About the Lecture

The lecture Equal Treatment (EN / 2019) by Lecturio Online Courses is from the course Corporate Compliance Training (EN). It contains the following chapters:

  • Equal Treatment
  • Practical Example: "British Airways Case"

Included Quiz Questions

  1. The Equal Treatment in Employment and Occupation Directive.
  2. The Racial Equality Directive.
  3. The European Convention on Human Rights.
  4. The Gender Directive.
  1. Yes, because both the public and private sector are covered by the Equal Treatment Directive and you can sue even after quitting your job.
  2. No, because you don’t work there anymore.
  3. No, because the Equal Treatment Directive only applies to the private sector.
  4. Yes, but only if you live in Germany, France or the Netherlands.
  1. “We have decided to hire a candidate who is better qualified.”
  2. “You were not able to convince us of your professional skills during the interview.”
  3. “We have decided to hire a younger candidate.”
  4. “We have decided to hire a male candidate.”

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