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About the Lecture

The lecture Information Security (InfoSec) (EN / 2019) by Lecturio Online Courses is from the course Corporate Compliance Training (EN). It contains the following chapters:

  • Information Security
  • Control Mechanisms
  • Social Engineering

Included Quiz Questions

  1. 89wvH#pf1&i=9y
  2. MamasBoy
  3. Password
  4. 18LibertyStreet!
  1. Do not store any more documents in the cloud: only paper and the filing cabinet guarantee information security.
  2. Carefully document the access rights to documents in the cloud.
  3. Regularly back up documents that are stored in the cloud.
  4. Use passwords to protect documents in the online storage.
  1. You access your company’s VPN — regardless of where you are — and work on the document.
  2. You drive back to your company and use your work computer to access the document.
  3. You use the wireless connection in a café in order to access your company’s network.
  4. You visit a friend and work on the document from his or her home network.

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