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Communication Training for Managers (EN)

By Dan O'Connor

Improve Your Management Style With Better Communication!

This course covers the basics of using Style-Stepping to avoid conflict, build powerful teams, and inspire others with the right benefit language. The customer learns how to shift his or her language to meet that of the person with whom she or he is communicating, facilitating a deeper, speedier connection, leading to a more profound understanding and synergy among all team members, increasing production and decreasing time spent on conflict resolution.

You’ll learn how to:

  1. More effectively choose the right people for the job or team based on their natural strengths and weaknesses, and pair the right people with one another to form the most effective team possible.
  2. Apologize, say thank you,and show respect in other peoples’ language rather than your own language, which helps stimulate more right-brain activity, and ensure others hear and understand some of the most important messages you will ever send.
  3. Motivate and Inspire people by speaking the right benefit language they will both understand and respond to, while teaching people in their preferred learning style—increasing the likelihood they will both understand and follow instructions.

This course is designed for:

  • Mid-Management Training
  • Comprehensive Executive Training


  • Included lectures: 9
  • Duration: 3:26 h
  • Included quiz questions: 49
  • Available documents: 11

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Authors of course Communication Training for Managers (EN)

 Dan O'Connor

Dan O'Connor

Dan O'Connor has been delivering tactical communication programs to businesses, governmental entities and individuals for over 15 years. The results from Dan's online communication training program and YouTube training videos are measurable in the responses of students and subscribers that he has helped create a personal compass for both personal and professional growth. One of the key aspects of his success is the emphasis on practical, day­-to­-day communication solutions for the stressful situations with which we all live.

Dan's books, Say This not That! and Energy Vampire Slaying: 101, are devoted to helping readers find the right words for the right situations, and to giving people an arsenal of techniques and scripts (and attitudes!) for handling even the most challenging communication situations. Dan's goal in training is simple: to deliver immediately usable communication training tactics with authenticity, energy, and clarity, so participants actually have fun while learning. After taking his courses, you will agree: learning does not have to be boring to be effective; in truth, learning that is fun is more effective.

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Face reading
By Arran W. on 30. June 2023 for Projecting the Image of an Active Listener

Really enjoyed this lecture. Reminded me of reading a book about chinese physiognomy. I read about the whites of the eyes and aggresion. Although some have medical conditions like graves syndrome or naturaly big eyes that would give an alternative explanation. People born with proptosis and exophthalmos is a consideration. Interesting.

Subtittles please
By Aldo R. on 20. May 2021 for Style Stepping to Overcoming Conflicts and Avoid Misunderstandings

I'd love subtittles please. Im a foreign and i'd understand a lot better