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Presentation Skills Training (EN)

By Tony Hunt

Crafting and Conducting Convincing Presentations!

From preparing to creating and finally delivering a presentation demands commitment and focus. Tony Hunt is skilled in all of these areas, having proven himself in every level of an organisation.

He explicitly showcases defining the context of your discourse, structuring it comprehensibly and overcoming nervousness in the process.

Other than that he talks about:

  • Getting the audience to empathise
  • Bringing your discourse to a satisfying conclusion
  • Answering difficult questions


  • Included lectures: 4
  • Duration: 0:59 h
  • Included quiz questions: 10
  • Available documents: 3

Authors of course Presentation Skills Training (EN)

 Tony Hunt

Tony Hunt

Tony Hunt is the MD of UK Seminars. His style is often described as ‘inspirational’, and he always aims to create positive change in people with whom he works. He has significant experience of operating successfully at all levels in an organisation – from induction, through first line management and right up to board level. Additionally he is able to strike the appropriate level of debate on every occasion.

Tony’s work is well known in many countries, e. g. in Europe, in the USA, in the Middle East and in India. His delegate evaluations average 9.0 on a 10 point scale.

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By Neuer N. on 06. February 2018 for Presentation Skills Training (EN)

I am not a native english speaker ( Intermediate level )but I easily understood almost full key point Really nice methodology for motivated to start trying and I can also improve my knowlage of English - ekstra benefit????