Risk Management Planning by Simone Hoferer

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About the Lecture

The lecture Risk Management Planning by Simone Hoferer is from the course Risk Management (RM): Preparing Offers. It contains the following chapters:

  • Objective of chapter RM-design
  • Risk management design
  • Adequacy of risk management design
  • Requirements on RM design
  • Example for RM-Map

Included Quiz Questions

  1. the type, size, duration and complexity.
  2. the proportion between project size and company size.
  3. the level of familiarity of the project risks.
  4. the available resources and irrespective of the degree of risk of the project.
  1. one of the most important steps in the whole risks management process.
  2. not really important. It is much more important to actually execute the action measures.
  3. easy to execute, however it does not really make sense.
  4. is time consuming and therefore has to be done by the project manager.
  1. defines basic parameters such as e.g. procedures, risk categories, project categories, evaluation standards, escalation steps and communication channels.
  2. nominates the head of risk management for the whole company and the risk manager of each department.
  3. defines only procedures for unexpected events and crisis.
  4. contains mainly the forms and charts which have to be filled in during risk management.

Author of lecture Risk Management Planning

 Simone Hoferer

Simone Hoferer

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Excerpts from the accompanying material

... To learn and understand the risk management process and it´s significance. ...

... Action planning (executive measures), Controlling and supervision, Risk Communication Note: ...

... Communication I ACAP Correlation ...

... Management Process 6. Communication 1. RM-Design 2. Identification 3. ...

... know the elements and the requirements for risk management planning ...

... risk management steps: Central = strategic on company level, Specific = on project level, Defines the conduction ...

... It needs to be individually adapted to each project. ...

… the planned activities are suitable for everyday use and are ...

... RM-activities should be adequate to the project in regards to its type, size, duration and complexity. ...

... Viable and suitable for day to day business. Effective. Adaptable to project specifications ...

... How often to apply? Frequency of iteration. How much effort to be put into RM? Costs & time ...

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