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Executive Communication Training (EN)

By Dan O'Connor

Being a great leader without being a great communicator is nearly impossible.

This is why we offer you this executive communication training that will prepare you for the daily challenges of the business world and strengthen your skills to present, motivate, and drive your team.

Your lecturer Dan O'Connor—an acclaimed communication expert—will show you that by changing your words, you will change your thought patterns. And by changing your thought patterns, you will change your experience.

So if you want to see this life-changing effect the right words can have, we recommend you taking our executive communication training.

The training covers various tactical communication strategies for looking and sounding like the professional CEO you are: someone whose opinion is respected and honored, at work and at home.

You will learn specific tactics for maintaining a powerful stance when faced with conflict or confrontation.

After successfully completing this communication training, you will be able to take along these major learning outcomes:

  1. Maintain the floor, as well as your professional composure, when debating, presenting ideas, or arguing a point—and when other people try to take the spotlight or try to sabotage you and your ideas, either in private or in a public forum.
  2. Debate, disagree, and even surrender—all while boosting your professional image and without sounding disagreeable.
  3. Carry yourself like a confident, powerful professional, and visually present yourself this way, using both body language and other non-verbal techniques. Show that you know you deserve to be where you are and where you are going.

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  • Included lectures: 6
  • Duration: 2:03 h
  • Included quiz questions: 36
  • Available documents: 6

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Authors of course Executive Communication Training (EN)

 Dan O'Connor

Dan O'Connor

Dan O'Connor has been delivering tactical communication programs to businesses, governmental entities and individuals for over 15 years. The results from Dan's online communication training program and YouTube training videos are measurable in the responses of students and subscribers that he has helped create a personal compass for both personal and professional growth. One of the key aspects of his success is the emphasis on practical, day­-to­-day communication solutions for the stressful situations with which we all live.

Dan's books, Say This not That! and Energy Vampire Slaying: 101, are devoted to helping readers find the right words for the right situations, and to giving people an arsenal of techniques and scripts (and attitudes!) for handling even the most challenging communication situations. Dan's goal in training is simple: to deliver immediately usable communication training tactics with authenticity, energy, and clarity, so participants actually have fun while learning. After taking his courses, you will agree: learning does not have to be boring to be effective; in truth, learning that is fun is more effective.

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Sehr guter Kurs!! Sehr empfehlenswert!
By Viktoria S. on 31. May 2018 for Executive Communication Training (EN)

Sehr gelungener Kurs! Tolle anschauliche Beispiele. Sofort anwendbar auch im privaten Bereich. Der Vortragende wirkt sehr kompetent, motiviert und engagiert, der Kurs is immer sehr informativ und spannend.