Duties of the Risk Manager by Simone Hoferer

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About the Lecture

The lecture Duties of the Risk Manager by Simone Hoferer is from the course Risk Management (RM): Project Stage. It contains the following chapters:

  • Duties of the manager
  • Technical planning
  • Plan packaging and logistics
  • Journey, accomodation & installation
  • Planning & reality
  • Preparation & reality

Included Quiz Questions

  1. To elaborate a detailed time schedule & due dates, to set milestones, prepare controlling measures and to coordinate the actions of the team
  2. To prepare a workflow and keep the overview, to communicate with all parties involved and to clarify or define vague issues
  3. To work out everything by himself/ herself down to the last detail before assigning the execution to a team member
  4. To elaborate dates and to work out the details before signing the contract of a project
  1. Engineering, to prepare construction drawings and to find constructional solutions, simplify if possible.
  2. Plan services down to the least detail, prepare production/ sourcing, define materials and find alternative options.
  3. Define each individual element and engineer installation and assembly of components.
  4. Decide about the shipping route, get in touch with the local contacts and find out their birthday to not forget to congratulate them.
  1. Preparing the shipping and delivery
  2. Designing and engineering packing
  3. Checking the transport timelines and the means of transportation
  4. Preparing storage options and possible delivery to the destination
  5. Matching the packaging with local standards
  1. To plan packaging and logistics as well as journey, accommodation and installation
  2. To get a better understanding of the customer and to think about strategies to make the most out of the project by getting additional orders
  3. To work out a feedback form for the customer and other parties involved in order to improve the performance
  4. To cover every possible risk and ensure compensation
  1. Checking the leisure activities
  2. Checking local means of transport
  3. Checking the requirements and activities
  4. Checking the visa, work permit and entry regulations
  5. Checking flights and local transport connections
  1. Because a sound preparation and planning ensures that standard situations and routines are conducted smoothly and with more ease. This leaves more capacity for unexpected events.
  2. Planning and preparation do not make much sense. They need to be done because they are obligatory.
  3. Because one needs to comply with the guidelines and the specifications of the higher management.
  4. Because it is important to document the planning to ensure in case of doubt that problems were not caused by lack of planning.

Author of lecture Duties of the Risk Manager

 Simone Hoferer

Simone Hoferer

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Excerpts from the accompanying material

... manager: • Elaborate detailed time schedule & due dates • Set milestones, prepare controlling measures • Prepare workflow and ...

... finde alternative options • Define each individual element • Engineer installation and assembly of components • Find constructional ...

... • Schedule logistics for production/ external sourcing • Prepare shipping & delivery to destination • Check transport timelines & choose ...

... accomodation & boarding • Check local means of transport • Check requirments & activities • Coordinate with other ...

... and plan ahead • Dig deep into the project > Let go and do what needs to be done ...

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