Crisis Management by Simone Hoferer

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About the Lecture

The lecture Crisis Management by Simone Hoferer is from the course Risk Management (RM): Project Stage. It contains the following chapters:

  • Objective of this chapter
  • Crisis - definition
  • Crisis management
  • Aspects of crisis
  • Early detection
  • Crisis graphic
  • How to defuse the crisis
  • Interpersonal crisis
  • Personal crisis prevention
  • Possible solutions

Included Quiz Questions

  1. It is a difficult situation or time, which represents a climax or a turning point of a dangerous development.
  2. It is a culminating development, situation becoming harder to manage and control.
  3. It is having a negative effect on regular business actions with a feeling of threat, insecurity and time pressure.
  4. It is a pre-stage to a disaster and always has a negative impact or outcome.
  5. It is a hard situation with a lot of problems, which however can be managed quite easily with a little bit more effort.
  1. To identify, to assess, to develop appropriate strategies to cope and to initiate & monitor countermeasures
  2. To develop strategies to cope with the crisis and to initiate and monitor the countermeasures
  3. To identify, to assess, to develop appropriate strategies to cope and to report
  4. To develop strategies to cooperate with the crisis and to initiate and monitor the countermeasures
  1. To look out for possible indicators and signs and to frequently conduct RM
  2. To consult experienced colleagues and experts, to expand your own experience and expertise and use your intuition
  3. To consult and trust statistics and forecasts
  4. To consult futurologists and use their forecast for your project
  1. Calm yourself down by using your body. Clear your desk and order the tasks.
  2. Ask other employees to help you calm down by physical contact like holding hands.
  3. Ignore your feelings as best as you can and concentrate on the crisis itself and how to avert it.
  4. Take a day or two off and relax in known surroundings like your home.
  1. Obtain information and research possible people who might help. Try to figure out alternative options and found strategic alliances.
  2. Initiate contact to your seniors to ask for help and advice.
  3. Obtain a list of seniors who can help you. Try to figure out a way to fight the crisis although you possible cannot do much to avert it.
  4. There are no actions which can help to defuse a crisis. Try to not let the negative impact affect your team.
  1. Atmosphere, assignment and activity
  2. Atmosphere, assignment and action
  3. Atmosphere, assurance and activity
  4. Attempt, assignment and activity
  1. Face your fear.
  2. To expand your personal comfort zone by actively approaching new and unfamiliar situations which increases ones scope of action and with that is reducing stress
  3. It is important to know ones own comfort zone and to stay within it as much as possible.
  4. It is good to switch between comfort zone and panic zone as often as possible because the panic triggers your adrenaline and the comfort zone helps you to calm down again.
  1. Choose the simplest solution and not the most beautiful solution.
  2. The possible solution should be goal-oriented because the goal determines the method.
  3. Wisdom lies within the team.
  4. Choose a solution which connects all team members and parties.

Author of lecture Crisis Management

 Simone Hoferer

Simone Hoferer

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Excerpts from the accompanying material

.. part 2 Objective of chapter 4: Tips ...

... a culminating development, situation becomming harder to manage & control. Having a negative effect on regular business actions. Feeling of ...

... Crisis management: Systematic handling of crisis: identify assess  ...

... 1. RM-design 2. Identification I 3. Assessment & Evaluation A 4. Action ...

... sudden, accelerating escalation of a situation. Most of the time an accumulation of several smaller crises. Standard ...

... & signs. Frequently conduct RM. Consult experienced collegues & experts ...

... crisis: Are there any emergency measures to be triggered and activated? Obtain information, research: who/what ...

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