Prioritising your day - and your life by Tony Hunt

About the Lecture

The lecture Prioritising your day - and your life by Tony Hunt is from the course Time Management Skills. It contains the following chapters:

  • Time Management
  • Plan of Action
  • Why manage Time?
  • Parkinson's Law
  • Managerial Work
  • Efficiency or Effectiveness
  • Where am I starting from?
  • Questions to Ask

Included Quiz Questions

  1. available time and space.
  2. your friends with admiration for how you cope with the amount of work.
  3. available work.
  4. hobbies and family.
  1. It is a major resource to manage.
  2. It is what it is – no shortage, no increase.
  3. Poor time management results in delay, stress, error and cost.
  4. Time management is a personal development skill.
  5. It can be borrowed.
  1. Delegation
  2. His or her computer
  3. Work-life-balance
  4. Communication
  1. Most of what we do is done habitually. A time log will bring the habits to the surface so you can question whether any change is needed.
  2. There is no point – I know what I do each day.
  3. I have not got any time to do this, I am too busy.
  4. A time log will bring the activities and tasks to the surface that you do or should do.
  1. Am I efficient, effective or both?
  2. I will set goals more effectively.
  3. I will analyse how I spend my time.
  4. I will analyse how much time I should spend with friends and family.
  5. I will make time to talk to my employees.

Author of lecture Prioritising your day - and your life

 Tony Hunt

Tony Hunt

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The video is too long, info too “diluted”
By Mirela P. on 12. December 2021 for Prioritising your day - and your life

Too “diluted” for a time management lecture. I can’t review this, because is too much unnecessary talk. The Lecturer knows NLP, has very good public speaking abilities, knows hypnotic language and to make subliminal suggestions (awesome for a motivational speech, for example) and I’m sure that can make this video better! Condensate useful info in a shorter ammount of time, in order to save us 10-12 minutes, please. Thank you!

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