Understanding Adult Learning by Karen Lawson

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About the Lecture

The lecture Understanding Adult Learning by Karen Lawson is from the course Train the Trainer - Online Course (EN). It contains the following chapters:

  • Introduction: Understanding Adult Learning
  • Adult Learning Principles
  • Perceptual Modalities
  • Learner Diversity
  • Learning Styles

Included Quiz Questions

  1. learning better in a formal environment.
  2. wanting to solve realistic problems.
  3. needing a variety of training methods.
  4. needing to integrate past experience with new material.
  1. Group discussion
  2. Hands-on activities
  3. Lectures
  4. Physical games
  1. People can listen at the rate of 400-500 words per minute.
  2. People will retain 50%of what they hear and see.
  3. People will retain 80% when they hear, see and do.
  4. 65% of all learning begins through the eyes.
  5. People will retain 35% of what they hear.
  1. age.
  2. job responsibilities.
  3. gender.
  4. culture.
  1. Use of gender neutral language
  2. Learning about the participants’ cultures
  3. Adapting activities
  4. Incorporating variety of media and methods
  5. Use of culturally similar names and references in examples and case studies
  1. Enjoys working in groups
  2. Wants to know how he/she can apply the learning
  3. Likes to share personal experiences
  4. Tends to sit back, watch, and listen
  1. Participating in a simulation
  2. Listening to a lecture
  3. Watching a video
  4. Participating in a discussion

Author of lecture Understanding Adult Learning

 Karen Lawson

Karen Lawson

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