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MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) (release in progress)

Von Lincoln Smith

The Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) section of the MCAT tests your ability to comprehend social science and humanities journal article excerpts. It tests you on your understanding of the individual components of the text, relats how these components fit together into a cohesive whole, and extends these components to new information introduced in the questions and vice versa. CARS does not require any outside knowledge to complete and can therefore be challenging to students who are accustomed to memorizing large volumes of content in preparation for an exam.

CARS scorers in the 99th percentile will break down the mechanics of how language is structured, logic is implied, and arguments are built. You will be equipped with diagramming tools to map out a CARS passage into its constituent parts and then use your understanding of how passage-and-question sets are wired to work out examples from start to finish. This course will drill home the idea that the authors of CARS passages are real people who are writing to make a point to a real (typically specialized) audience; therefore, they can be understood sensibly and intuitively when viewed in the right light.

Though no outside knowledge is required for the CARS section, outside reading of social science and humanities texts is encouraged. This outside reading needs to be approached with an active-reader mentality. This is not the time to utilize speed-reading techniques. Read the supplemental texts carefully and deliberately so that you understand who the author is and what they are trying to communicate. When you get to actual CARS passages, your brain will be primed for how to read specialized literature written in a non-hard-science field, which will, in turn, allow you to get to the question sets more quickly.


CARS Theoretical Foundations

play symbol What is CARS?
play symbol Foundations of Comprehension: Definition and Basic Components
lecture locked Continuity and Separation, Voices and Viewpoints
lecture locked Form Follows Function
lecture locked The Same, but Different: Unique Usages of Common Language
lecture locked Hearing a Voice in a Crowd
lecture locked Clandestine Claims
lecture locked 5-minute Drill
lecture locked Foundations of Comprehension: Learning Outcomes
lecture locked Reasoning Within the Text: Basic Overview
lecture locked CARS Archaeology: Recognizing and Evaluating Argument Questions
lecture locked Integrating Distant Components of the Text Questions
lecture locked All Ideas Are Not Treated Equally
lecture locked Blue Sky, Orange Sky – Framing a Perspective in Context
lecture locked Reasoning Within the Text: Learning Outcomes
lecture locked Reasoning Beyond the Text: Applying or Extrapolating Ideas Questions
lecture locked Analogical Thought
lecture locked Assessing and Integrating New Information Questions
lecture locked Reasoning Beyond the Text: Learning Outcomes
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Dozenten des Kurses MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) (release in progress)

 Lincoln Smith

Lincoln Smith

Lincoln Smith is an MCAT Instructor and Course Designer for the University of California San Diego Extension program.

He has published literature in creative and literary arts journals, scientific journals, and social beat news media. Lincoln has helped thousands of students across the private and public test prep sectors to succeed on their entrance exam to medical school.

Within Lecturio, Lincoln Smith teaches Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills for premedical students.


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