How to Draw Babies by Jill Uhler

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About the Lecture

The lecture How to Draw Babies by Jill Uhler is from the course Drawing Caricatures. It contains the following chapters:

  • Introduction to Baby Caricature
  • Baby Caricature
  • Baby Head Drawing
  • Baby Body Drawing
  • Newborn Caricature
  • Newborn Head
  • Newborn Body

Included Quiz Questions

  1. You get one character.
  2. It is a match of different characters. So the Baby doesn´t shows up the similarity of the photo.
  1. ...nice and big.
  2. ...sparkling and flat.
  3. ...big with eyelushes.
  1. Round head and face shape with wide eyes.
  2. Not much eyebrow.
  3. Round face shape with big and nice eyes.

Author of lecture How to Draw Babies

 Jill Uhler

Jill Uhler

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