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The lecture Introduction to OpenGL by Eduonix Learning Solutions is from the course Learn iOS with iPad. It contains the following chapters:

  • Intro to OpenGL ES
  • Frame buffer
  • First task
  • Make a render buffer

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 Eduonix Learning Solutions

Eduonix Learning Solutions

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Excerpts from the accompanying material

... Intended for Embedded Systems (ES) such as mobile devices Is C – Based and ...

... code to build the standard functionality “given” by version 1.1 Both are good options. If your needs are simple, choose 1.1, but be aware that ...

... framebuffer has attachment points, to which image data is attached (usually placed in a renderbuffer). To clarify, most commonly, a renderbuffer ...

... rendering that uses the OpenGL ES 2.0 api - make, bind, and allocate space for a render buffer - make and ...

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