Communicating like a Leader by Dan O'Connor

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About the Lecture

The lecture Communicating like a Leader by Dan O'Connor is from the course Effective Communication in the Workplace. It contains the following chapters:

  • Communicating Like a CEO
  • Maintain the Floor
  • Disagree with Somebody
  • Meeting Strategies
  • Your Meeting Tools

Included Quiz Questions

  1. Looking at them with wide eyes.
  2. Tilting the head to the side.
  3. Passing the books to them.
  1. see the situation.
  2. feel about the situation.
  3. would handle the situation.
  1. To the leader's right.
  2. To the leader's left.
  3. Behind the leader.
  1. Territorial markers
  2. place savers
  3. Reputation boosters
  1. In my meetings notebook
  2. On my yellow legal pad
  3. On my phone
  1. State the reason you believe the proposal is better.
  2. Use an empathy statement to help you connect with your audience.
  3. Deliver a spotlight question.

Author of lecture Communicating like a Leader

 Dan O'Connor

Dan O'Connor

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