Summary: Implementation of Risk Management by Simone Hoferer

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The lecture Summary: Implementation of Risk Management by Simone Hoferer is from the course Risk Management: After Project Completion. It contains the following chapters:

  • Objective of this chapter
  • Risk management training
  • What is a risk?
  • Further training offers

Included Quiz Questions

  1. Create a mentorship inside the company and constantly remind about RM.
  2. Create a natural matter of course with RM and increase the acceptance of project managers.
  3. Exploit your scope of influence.
  4. Trust that the readiness to learn RM after a project is higher than before the project (learning through pain).
  5. Write an e-mail to the management.
  1. A risk is an event in the future whose outcome in its consequence is uncertain (as in being a chance or a danger).
  2. A risk is an event in the future whose outcome is negative (as in being a danger).
  3. A risk is an event which has already taken place.
  4. A risk is an incident which may represent a chance, which is why there is no need for action.
  1. It is about identifying potential dangers and hazards in order to take appropriate precaution measures to turn the knock out factors into a positive outcome.
  2. It is about supporting and protecting management just in cases of crises or major problems.
  3. It is about helping to find and select the most appropriate insurances for potential dangers.
  4. It is about avoiding to burden the project management with wasting already scarce resources and should only be conducted if time is available.

Author of lecture Summary: Implementation of Risk Management

 Simone Hoferer

Simone Hoferer

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... • Maybe higher readiness to learn RM after project (learning through pain), • Create mentorship inside ... Uncertainity in outcome future ... indicator for potential dangers => Graphic 1 ... I wish you great success ... Successful identification & precaution measures for risks & opportunities > Part 2 project stage:  ... stories of your projects with me? Then please contact me any time: ... contents have been carfully and thoroughly checked and used in all conscience. Please note that each project is individual and ... Chapman, Chris und Ward, Stephen (1997) „Project Risk Management – Processes, Techniques and Insights“ erschienen im Wiley Verlag Web, pages: Wikipedia: 1) Projektdefinition: Risk management, project management, various tools of risk management, deifintion of ... accidently used copyright protected material. I did this unintentionally and I kindly ask to you to contact me. I will promptly remove it from the presentation. I kindly ask you to desist from any form of damage claim. Illustrations: Simone Hoferer, © 2013: Logo Risikomanagement ...

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