Text Structure and Visualization by Zach Davis

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About the Lecture

The lecture Text Structure and Visualization by Zach Davis is from the course PoweReading©: Speed Reading Techniques (EN). It contains the following chapters:

  • Information density
  • Exercise: Finding recurring patterns
  • III. Measurement
  • Exercise: Drill
  • Example for visualizing patterns
  • Create images
  • Exercise: Drill
  • IV. Measurement

Included Quiz Questions

  1. Newspaper Articles
  2. Books
  3. Magazine Articles
  4. Poems
  1. At the Beginning
  2. In the Centre
  3. In the Subheadlines
  4. At the End
  1. In the First Paragraph
  2. In the Second Paragraph
  3. In the Third Paragraph
  4. In the Last Paragraph
  1. It is recited slowly.
  2. It contains concrete terms.
  3. It contains similar words.
  4. It has an inconsistent structure.
  1. Pictures
  2. Names
  3. Single Words
  4. Complete Sentences
  1. By Visualising It as an Arrow
  2. By Visualising Every Letter of It
  3. By Visualising It as a Gigantic, Illuminated Billboard
  4. By Visualising It Highlighted in Several Colours
  1. You imagine the number as part of a pie chart.
  2. You imagine the number as part of a bar chart.
  3. You imagine the number highlighted in several colours.
  4. You imagine the number on a gigantic, illuminated billboard.
  1. You can contain information in your memory for a higher amount of time.
  2. You increase your reading speed.
  3. You can more easily use information in your daily life.
  4. You can more easily find mistakes in the text.
  1. You read the complete book and memorize the content using images.
  2. You carefully read the first and last chapter of the book.
  3. You carefully read the headlines of all chapters in the book.
  4. You skim each chapter in the book.
  1. Keywords
  2. Key Sentences
  3. The First Sentences
  4. The Last Words

Author of lecture Text Structure and Visualization

 Zach Davis

Zach Davis

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