Reproducing content and reading faster by Zach Davis

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About the Lecture

The lecture Reproducing content and reading faster by Zach Davis is from the course PoweReading©: Speed Reading Techniques (EN). It contains the following chapters:

  • Retaining most important information
  • Three Step Process to reproduce
  • Exercise: Memorizing words
  • V. Measurement
  • Summary

Included Quiz Questions

  1. You read the text.
  2. You write down important keywords from the text.
  3. You memorize important keywords from the text using a memory technique.
  4. You write down important key sentences from the text.
  1. A Particular Subform of the Route List
  2. A Memory Technique
  3. A Particular Subform of the Chain List
  4. A List of Different Learning Styles
  1. If one link is missing, not all of the remaining information is lost.
  2. There is no advantage.
  3. It helps you to memorize information faster.
  4. It needs less practice.
  1. These are based on visualising and linking new information with knowledge you already have.
  2. These are based on repeating information several times.
  3. These are based on imagining information auditorily.
  4. These are based on writing down information.
  1. You visualize these terms and attach them together in your imagination one by one.
  2. You visualize these terms one after the other in a odd situations.
  3. You imagine your daily trip to work encountering all these terms along the way.
  4. You imagine these terms interacting with individual parts of your body in peculiar ways.
  1. 12 Minutes
  2. 8 Minutes
  3. 10 Minutes
  4. 14 Minutes
  1. You use reading aid.
  2. While reading, you visualize information in a text.
  3. Before reading, you phrase questions targeted at certain elements of a text.
  4. You intentionally alter your reading speed every now and again.

Author of lecture Reproducing content and reading faster

 Zach Davis

Zach Davis

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